It takes compassion and commitment, dedication and drive. It takes a little imagination.

It takes all of us.

From monthly contributions to social giving to physical challenges, there are so many ways to get involved. With our DIY option, you can bring your unique ideas to life.

At Stop Soldier Suicide, we don't have donors. We have supporters, teammates, partners. If you're ready to take action in the fight against military suicide, we're proud to lock arms with you.

Become a Veteran Lifesaver

The Battalion is our team of veteran lifesavers, standing side-by-side with us in the fight to solve the military suicide crisis.

Your monthly gift will help struggling American heroes find the path back to a life worth living.

Give It a Personal Touch

Our DIY option makes it quick and easy to create a fundraiser tailored to your interests.

Start an athletic competition, celebrate a special occasion, honor a friend or loved one, or get creative. How you make an impact is up to you.

Take It the Distance

Get out and get moving to help raise awareness and funds for the fight against the military suicide problem.

Find a Facebook 100-mile challenge group in your area or in a location that's special to you. Don't worry if there's no challenge there at the moment - it'll come back around!

Everyone is welcome as we play an active role in this fight across the nation.

Make Your Birthday Count

A birthday fundraiser on Facebook is a great way to rally people to the fight. Inspire those who care about you to make a contribution in your honor.

As a preferred partner in the Facebook Social Good program, we receive 100% of funds raised on Facebook and put them back into empowering service members, veterans and military families.

Don't wait until you're in crisis to reach out.

Get Help