The Legacy Coalition members shape lasting change by helping accelerate our work.

The Legacy Coalition is a group with a passion for saving service member and veteran lives who:

  • Have a commitment to take an active role in reducing the military suicide rate.
  • Are an integral part of funding SSS services, providing thousands of hours of wellness services, and life coaching to our clients, each year.

The Legacy Coalition Benefits:

  • Feature in our annual Impact Report

  • Welcome gift upon joining

  • Invitations to exclusive Stop Soldier Suicide events

  • Year-round communication with the Stop Soldier Suicide team, including quarterly emails

  • Exclusive 1:1 meeting with Donor Account Executive

  • Taxable Benefits

As a Stop Soldier Suicide Legacy Coalition member, you become an integral part of funding our vision of a nation where service members and veterans have no greater risk for suicide than the average American. You join with others to shape lasting change by helping accelerate our work.

What will your legacy be?

Your Gift Matters!

A $5,000 gift provides 150 hours of wellness services, free-of-charge, to veterans in need.

SSS icon red 09 $24,000

Average cost to save ONE high-risk client's life

SSS icon red 26 90

Average minutes per session with our highest-risk clients

SSS icon red 37 12+

Number of sessions our highest-risk clients require

SSS icon red 05 17+

Requests per week from veterans who need support