Our goal is to reduce the military suicide rate by 40% by 2030.
Our team works every day to make it reality.

We were founded by three U.S. Army veterans in 2010. We remain veteran-led to this day.

For us, this fight is personal.

Day in and day out, we battle the problem with innovative methodology, cutting-edge technology, world-class data and more than our fair share of tenacity. Our commitment to results is relentless.

Complacency has no place at Stop Soldier Suicide. We move fast. We're demanding. We test and learn. We constantly seek improvement. We're not afraid to fail, as long as it makes us better.

Are you in?

Open Positions

If you have questions regarding our open positions, please reach out to our Talent Acquisition & Development Manager, Lindsey O'Donnell, at lindsey.odonnell@stopsoldiersuicide.org.

Our Vision

A nation where service members & veterans have no greater risk for suicide than any other American.

Our Mission

Reduce service member & veteran suicide by using enhanced data insights, focused client acquisition, and suicide-specific intervention services. 40% reduction by 2030.

Our Values

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Veterans First

Taking care of those in need comes above everything else.

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We are ONE Team

Create an environment of mutual respect, empathy, and transparency. And have fun!

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Stay Curious

Try things and learn. Discover with intention. And remember, it's okay to fail and try again.

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Sweat the Small Stuff

Care about the details, require the highest standards of quality, and use the best data.

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Let Change Fuel You

Embrace the journey and be resilient, even when the path forward isn't clear.

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Make a Difference

Innovate to create meaningful impact. Turn your passion into purpose. Own and make it happen!

We're a fast-growing, data-driven and laser-focused 501(c)3 organization. We use best-in-class data to identify potential clients and provide personalized support to address their unique needs.

We actively seek out exceptional professionals who exhibit a bias toward action, who effectively communicate with courage and candor, and who inspire others with their tireless pursuit of excellence.

Sarah Chittick, Resource Referral and Benefits Coordinator

"I was raised by my father, who spent 30 years in the Marine Corps. I saw firsthand the struggles that veterans face on a daily basis.

"I love that Stop Soldier Suicide allows me to help other veterans with the unique challenges they face."

Crystal Clark, Director of Donor Engagement

"My father and grandfather have proudly served in the military. I have a strong affinity for those who have bravely served our country."

"I know the work we do at Stop Soldier Suicide is unique in how we save veteran lives. I am proud to be part of this incredible team, working directly with those who fuel our mission. It's an honor and a privilege I hold dearly."

Jared Zamora, Wellness Center Manager

"I'm an Army veteran of six years. I can relate to many of the unique challenges our veterans face.

"As a veteran myself, I can humanize their experiences and work with them to overcome those obstacles."