Chris Ford Chief Executive Officer, Veteran
Keith Hotle Chief Program Officer
Tina Starkey Chief Growth Officer
Brian Buland Chief Operations Officer, Veteran
Glenn Devitt Chief Technology Officer, Veteran
Sarah Chittick Wellness Coordinator
Crystal Clark Director of Donor Engagement
Shannon D’Abruzzo Wellness Center Associate Director
Chuck Eastman Community Affairs Manager, Veteran
Sandy Evans Business Operations Manager
Amanda Ganoe Wellness Coordinator
Ann Gasperini Team Lead
Phillipa Groves Wellness Coordinator
LaTausha Little Wellness Center Intern, Veteran
Meagan Henry Wellness Coordinator
Marilyn Minton Team Lead
Sharonda Ocean Events Manager
Lisa Petersen Clinical Director
Ashlyn Smith Wellness Coordinator
Ruby Stevens Donor Relations Manager, Veteran
Robin Story Marketing Specialist
Julie Tweed Wellness Coordinator
Cory Walton Director of Marketing
Jared Zamora Wellness Coordinator, Veteran
Matt Zinkil Wellness Coordinator, Veteran

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