LinkedIn Chris Ford Chief Executive Officer, Veteran
Melanie Gideon Chief Operating Officer
LinkedIn Keith Hotle Chief Program Officer
LinkedIn Tina Starkey Chief Growth Officer
Glenn Devitt Chief Technology Officer, Veteran
LinkedIn Sonja Batten Vice President of Programs, Clinical Psychologist
Hannah Huntt Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Military Sibling
Kathy Kauffmann Vice President of Development
Matt Mabe Vice President of Staff, Veteran
LinkedIn John Richardson Vice President of Program Research and Evaluation, Army National Guard
Rodney Alexander Development Operations Specialist
Jordan Alpert Intake Wellness Coordinator, Military Grandchild
Anna Arreola Wellness Coordinator
Nicole Bauer Wellness Center Operations Director, Veteran
Abby Beatty Research Support Specialist
Tia Benbow Wellness Center Compliance Specialist
Talia Besser Resource Referral and Benefits Manager, Military Child
Dysheka Bibbs Wellness Center Manager, Military Spouse
Kyndall Brown Training and Development Manager
Brian Buland Director of Innovation, Veteran
Kim Burditt Black Box Project Senior Manager
Slade Burkeen Director of Finance
Breanna Caldwell Wellness Center Manager
Mariana Capano Resource Referral and Benefits Coordinator, Military Child
Kwan Carlos Wellness Coordinator, Veteran
Sarah Chittick Resource Referral and Benefits Coordinator, Military Child
LinkedIn Crystal Clark Director of Donor Engagement, Military Child
Madyson Cobert Talent Acquisition Specialist, Military Granddaughter
LinkedIn Michael DeSelm Donor Communications Representative, Veteran
LinkedIn Chuck Eastman Director of Strategic Partnerships, Veteran
Ashley Ege Director of Donor Success
Kirsten Finn Wellness Coordinator
Ann Gasperini Life Coach Manager, Military Parent
Kolby Harrell Product Marketing Manager, Army National Guard
Meagan Henry Clinical Compliance Manager, Military Child
Scott Hookey Wellness Coordinator, Veteran
Tanya Kelly Director of Client Services
Colleen King Intake Wellness Coordinator, Military Child
Adam Krizanik Wellness Coordinator
Caitlin Kuecher Wellness Coordinator, Military Spouse
Claire Lankford Donor Success Specialist
Nadine Leonard Wellness Coordinator
Alexandrea Lopez Scheduling Specialist
Rucia Lundy Wellness Center Manager, Veteran
Richmond McCloud Resource Referral and Benefits Coordinator, Veteran
Katy Mckee Wellness Coordinator
Robea Meikle-Paige Wellness Coordinator
Dustin Millado Digital Forensics Investigator, Veteran
Jacinda Morgan Wellness Coordinator, Military Spouse
Kathryn Nerowski Senior Director of Human Resources
LinkedIn Lindsey O'Donnell Director of Talent Acquisition and Development, Military Spouse
Carly Pass Wellness Center Manager
LinkedIn Lisa Petersen Senior Clinical Director, Trauma and Crisis Expert
Alyson Pond Wellness Coordinator
LinkedIn Morgan Robertson Donor Communications Representative, Military Granddaughter
Jonathan Rossi Intake Wellness Coordinator
Deneatrelle Savage Office Manager, Military Child
Becky Schwendiman Project Manager
Jenny Siler Director of Corporate Partnerships, Military Spouse
Shana Smith Executive Assistant, Military Spouse
Charles Snider Wellness Coordinator, Veteran
Jackie Stonebrook Wellness Center Manager
Robin Story Marketing Specialist, Military Spouse
Denara Talley Wellness Coordinator, Veteran
Becca Thomas Wellness Coordinator
Julie Tweed Resource Referral and Benefits Coordinator, Military Niece
Buck Waid Community Affairs Manager, Veteran
LinkedIn Cory Walton Director of Brand Marketing
Deven Watsjold Wellness Coordinator, Military Spouse
Jared Zamora Wellness Center Operations Manager, Veteran

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