Sometimes, you just need someone who understands.

That’s ROGER. Our wellness service is free for veterans and active duty - free of cost, free of stigma, and free from judgment. Together, we will help you with life’s toughest battles.

Need crisis intervention? We got you.
Proactive planning? Got you.
Reforming of habits? Yep.
Help navigating the system? Check.
All of the above or something else? Got you.

If you currently serve in the United States Armed Forces,
we promise confidentiality in our services to you. Seeking support should not negatively impact your career.

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No government, Department of Defense (DoD) or Veterans Affairs (VA) affiliation.

As an independent nonprofit organization, we don't have nuanced red tape.

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Money doesn't stand in the way of getting support.

Our services are free no matter how long you stay in our program. We never bill insurance.

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We intentionally remove barriers to our support network. You won't wait long to connect with the care we offer.

We are committed to connecting with you promptly.

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All care is confidential and held to HIPPA standards. We don't report directly to your chain of command.

We are a certified trauma-informed care organization, meaning we treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve.

Is ROGER right for me?

ROGER may be right for you if you're a veteran or active duty service member struggling with problems that might ultimately cost you your life. If your struggles feel overwhelming and continue to escalate, we’re more than just a crisis line and we’re with you for the long haul. We understand the struggles veterans face, ranging from transition, PTSD, TBI, stress, anxiety, depression, moral injury, and more.

What can I expect with ROGER?

With ROGER, our initial outreach lines are always open. We’re not a crisis line, but we know that connecting to care at any time is one of the most important steps in seeking outside help. Submit a call or online request 24/7 and we’ll contact you immediately.

From that initial contact, we’ll then schedule you with one of our Wellness Coordinators to establish consistent support for your treatment with ROGER.

Your Wellness Coordinator will take a deeper look during an intake session at things like military history, life circumstances, and more.

Every step of the way from that first contact until you graduate, you can expect confidentiality, accountability, treatment that works for you, and respect.

How will I communicate with my Wellness Coordinator?

ROGER is built with flexibility in mind. We’re able to serve you virtually in the traditional telehealth sense.

Once you get connected to a Wellness Coordinator, you’ll set appointments and check-ins via phone, text or video at a consistent pace where you will always know what to expect at your next appointment.

How do I know what treatment might help me?

Your personal relationship with your Wellness Coordinator will determine what treatment modalities might help you the most. With ROGER, you don’t have to worry about those logistics. We offer trauma-informed treatment modalities with proven success at helping treat, manage, and heal suicidal ideation and more.

No two journeys are the same and all therapies, resources, plans, and treatment modalities are tailored to you & your life.

What is the cost to me?

If you are a U.S. active duty service member or U.S. veteran, there are no costs associated with your ROGER care.

As a trusted nonprofit, supporters across the country have given generously to ensure our clients have access to the suicide-specific care they need.

Do you provide financial assistance?

Financial stress can cause a wide range of problems. These life circumstances can affect the way you think and feel. If you’re struggling to have your needs met, including financial concerns, those needs will be understood as you work alongside your Wellness Coordinator.

While we do not provide financial assistance directly, we work to connect you to trusted organizations outside of ROGER that have that as their primary focus.

ROGER does not provide every resource for you, but through our Resourcing Team, we understand and can help you navigate many local and national resources. We will always partner with you on your behalf to get you on a path to wellness.

Suicide-specific care saves lives.

What It Is:

  • Evidence-based treatment modalities with proven success in alleviating suicide-related issues, such as Chronological Assessment of Suicide Events (CASE) and Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality (CAMS) which headline the best-in-class treatment modalities for reducing suicidal thoughts
  • Tools and techniques used at Stop Soldier Suicide that are clinically woven together specific to the individual in our care
  • Comprehensive care including a clients history of suicidality, thoughts, feelings, behaviors, attempts, current stressors, barriers, challenges, current suicidal ideation, current level of intent, and more

      And so much more...
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      You don’t have to simply accept post-traumatic stress as a part of your military service


      You can navigate the negativity that impacts how you think, feel and act

      Psychological Pain

      Thoughts of self-hate, hopelessness, loneliness don't have to rule your thoughts


      Feelings of fear, dread and uneasiness are manageable

      Substance Use

      Feelings of fear, dread and uneasiness are manageable

      Trauma History

      Feelings of fear, dread and uneasiness are manageable

      The Care You Deserve.

      The connection ROGER offers is built on honesty & flexibility with real humans who've got your six.

      You can expect one-on-one suicide-specific care designed to reduce suicidal attitudes, thoughts & behaviors. The tools we use are offered via telehealth solutions, available across all 50 states.

      When you enter into care, it's our Wellness Coordinators who show up for you consistently.

      Veteran Led.

      We were founded by three U.S. Army veterans in 2010.

      We remain veteran-led to this day.

      Many of our team members are deeply connected to the military in personal ways. Some are veterans, some are active in the Guard, and some are military spouses, children, or siblings.

      We understand the struggles our community faces. It’s our turn to answer the call.

      Built For The Mission Of Life

      With ROGER, you never have to go it alone.

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      ROGER is the wellness service of Stop Soldier Suicide.