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What a Remedy for Suicide?


If you want an example of inspiration, I would like to introduce you to Helene Dumais . . .

Proudly wearing the Stop Soldier Suicide logo, Helene is the first and ONLY woman to ever finish the Survival Run Nicaragua and the Devil’s Double Challenge.

On her website, Helene has a great quote about the Devil soiling himself in her presence. Helene is an adventure and ultra-marathon junky who loves hearing people tell her “no.” How does she respond? By punching the nay-sayers in the mouth while shouting, “WHY THE HELL NOT?” Having never served herself,  she is engaged to a combat Veteran. She, like each of us, is appalled by the statistics and what is happening to our Veterans and families across this country. So, what does she do? She does what she does best. She inspires. Through her example, she demonstrates the potential of the human spirit.

Helene reached out to me about two months ago, and asked if she could wear the Stop Soldier Suicide logo during her survival marathon expedition in Nicaragua last month. She wants to help. She wants to inspire Veterans and family members to unlock their own potential. Here were her results:

  • First and only woman to ever finish the Survival Run Nicaragua (Ometepe, Nicaragua)

  • 2nd position – 100k Ultra Fuego Y Agua (Ometepe, Nicaragua)

  • First and only woman to ever complete the Devil’s Double challenge – Survival Run + 100k Ultra – (Ometepe, Nicaragua)

Helene is an inspiration and wants to help you unlock your potential.
Helene is an inspiration and wants to help you unlock your potential.

So, what’s next for Helene on her journey to raise awareness to solve the problem of military related suicide? How can she top this? Starting on May 19, Helene will run the Endurance Society’s Infinitus 888k trail race. With a 10-day cap to complete the task, the race ends just a few days prior Memorial Day. No woman has ever finished it. In her words, “I am running to be a source of inspiration for female veterans and spouses, helping them to find strength and power to solve what may look impossible at times. I run for them.” Are you willing to join her team?  You can be a part of her journey her by visiting her campaign at 22in22.info.

You don’t need to run an ultra-marathon to inspire. The point is that each of us has a gift to connect with our Veterans and their families to inspire, in our own way. Join the 2016 22 in 22 campaign, and be an inspiration by contributing to the solution to military related suicide.  If we can kindle the light of hope, inspiration, and empowerment in our Veterans and their families, we expunge the darkness of isolation, burden and despair that leads to so many suicides. We can unleash our potential to discover and achieve the life our Veterans and families deserve. We become proactive in the fight against military-related suicide. We start by setting an example. 

It’s too easy to say that this problem is too complex. It’s too easy to say that we can’t address all the issues facing our struggling Veterans and their families. To all those nay-sayers, I encourage you to join us, join Helene, and punch them in the mouth shouting, “WHY THE HELL NOT?”

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