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What Do Fuel Pumps & Suicide Prevention Have In Common?

On the surface, the short answer to this question is nothing. Zero. Precision machining and manufacturing has absolutely nothing to do with addressing the problem of military-related suicide. However, the quality of any organization is measured in the character and spirit of their people. On that level, precision machining has a lot to do with the issue of military-related suicide and improving the condition of our Veteran population.

Truline Industries: What They Do

Truline Industries machining and manufacturing in Chesterfield, Ohio

Founded in 1939, Truline Industries is a small business with less than 100 employees located in Chesterfield, Ohio. From fuel pump bearings for the aircraft industry to high-tolerance precision machine parts, Truline has built a reputation for exceeding customer expectations on a global scale. Their clients include Boeing, Airbus, Eaton, and Goodrich – to name a few. Their manufacturing includes the best materials, custom software applications, and highest standards for tolerance and quality. These sound manufacturing practices have distinguished the products from this relatively small business amidst the field of global giants across the airline and precision parts industries. However, at Truline Industries, their vision, leadership, and challenge to serve their community distinguishes them as a model partner for Stop Soldier Suicide and our entire Veteran community.

Truline Industries: Who They Are

Truline employees participated in a airplane pull to support Special Olympics

Employees at Truline are committed to the Truline Challenge: “We have been in business for 72 years not because of the product we make, but because we do not cut corners. Not in our work, not in the way we treat our employees and not in our commitment to the world in need outside our doors. We donate 20% of our profits to charities and are challenging other companies to do the same.” Rated as the number 3  top workplace for employment in Northeast Ohio, Truline has a stronger reputation for service and integrity than they do for the high quality parts from their world-class manufacturing.

Truline Industries: Servant Leadership

Convoy of Hope
The Convoy of Hope program has helped battle hunger around the globe

Truline Industries has made an impact in their community and around the world.  In 1994 Convoy of Hope was formed and has morphed into a global movement where churches, businesses, government agencies, and other organizations join forces to carry out Convoy of Hope’s mission, which is to feed the world through feeding initiatives, community outreaches, disaster response and partner resourcing. In 16 years Convoy of Hope has helped more than 50 MILLION people in more than 100 countries. In that time they have also given away more than $254 million worth of food and supplies to people in need.

Truline Partnership with Stop Soldier Suicide

Truline is committed to helping our Veterans and our mission at Stop Soldier Suicide as a corporate sponsor for our case management program. Because of their investment in our mission, we will be able to expand our hours of operation later this fall and the capacity of our program to improve the quality of our service to our Veterans. Additionally, we will begin to diversify our program offerings for military members and Veterans with urgent needs, transitioning service members, and Veterans. These innovations will better focus our case management program to help Veterans discover their post-military path to empowerment, and their commitment to our cause will help us all end the problem of military-related suicide. This would not be possible without our partnership with Truline Industries.

What is most important to us at Stop Soldier Suicide is the quality of life for Veterans, Service Members, and their Families. That is why we do what we do. This is the imperative that drives us to make lasting changes in the lives of those we seek to serve. It is what is most important to us, and it is what is most important to Truline Industries.

On that level, we have everything in common.



We are looking for corporate sponsors to share the impact of changing the lives of our Veterans. Please contact us through our corporate sponsorship link on our webpage to discover how you can transform the lives of our Veterans and their Families.

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