Have you lost a service member or veteran to suicide? Do you want to spare others from that grief?

You can help change the science around military suicide by participating in Black Box Project.

One of our most important realizations is that we need better insight into what crisis looks like before it's too late.

Our answer to that is Black Box Project.

We've gathered a team of data science experts to develop a predictive model that will provide our Wellness Coordinators with patterns and personas for at-risk behavior, enabling more proactive and effective intervention with a client in crisis.

We liken this project to the impact that organ donation has on doctors' ability to save lives.

The first step in Black Box Project involves collecting, collating, and processing digital data retrieved from smartphones, laptops, and tablets of veterans and service members who died by suicide.

That data will help us identify behavioral patterns and red flags that will assist us in caring for service members or veterans in crisis before we lose them to suicide.

If you are willing, our humble request is that you share your friend or loved one's device(s) with us so we may retrieve his or her digital data for Black Box Project.

Much like organ donation, time is of the essence when it comes to retrieving viable digital data. And much like organ donation, the act of sharing can do so much good for so many others.

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Bringing Experts Together

Digital forensics, data science, and open-source intelligence

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Collecting Predictive Insights

Advanced analysis of data retrieved from digital devices

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Bridging the Gap

Transcend predictive models to foster real-time intervention

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Acting Before It's Too Late

Laser-focused identification of veterans and service members in crisis

If you'd like to learn more about sharing a veteran's devices for use in Black Box Project, please complete this form.

Once we receive your submission, a member of our leadership team will personally reach out.

Please be assured that we have the highest regard for privacy and will protect your personal information at all times.