Join The Solution: January-March 2016 Quarterly Update


In January, 2016, we launched our strategy to end military-related suicide, and this is our January-March 2016 Quarterly Update.

Approaching 600 Clients

Our client total will surpass 600 by the end of this month! We have been holding steady at about 24 new clients a month – which is simply not good enough given the need. In order to reach more Veterans and families who could benefit from our programs, we will be launching a variety of outreach and connection initiatives. We will be offering Veterans the opportunity to sign up for our services through our outreach events. We are building partnerships to connect Veterans to our services. Until we can meet the demand, we will always explore new ways to bring our case management service to our Veterans.

Service Innovations: Improving Every Day

Case management is our core program at Stop Soldier Suicide. We are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to provide the best service to Veterans and current military service members. Here are some improvements over the past three months:

  • Introduced the “chat” feature so clients can chat with a case worker during operating hours.
  • Certified our case workers in Suicide Prevention.
  • Completed professional life/transition coaching for case workers and coaching certification for management.
  • Launched a wellness survey to provide a rudimentary metric for assessing the overall wellness of clients.

Innovation is one of our values and core competencies. By maintaining the agility and flexibility to rapidly implement new approaches to prevention, intervention, and transition, we can end military-related suicide.

New Program: Veteran in Crisis Response Training

On March 9-10 we partnered with Alliance Behavioral Health and the Apex Police Department for the Veteran in Crisis Response Training Program. Captain Blair Myhand, the force behind this innovative program, will advocate for this initiative at the International Crisis Intervention Team Conference in Chicago on April 26th. Based on that response, we are planning on a national “train the trainer” program during the Department of Defense Suicide Awareness Month in September of this year. This program not only saves lives, but it helps connect at risk Veterans with the assistance they need through our case management services. We are proud to be a part of this program as it expands nationally.


Our strategic vision is to build a model program of transition to help service members and Veterans discover a path to achievement and empowerment.  To accomplish this goal, we have been developing relationships with organizations who share our passion to serve our veteran community. We are always looking for new partners to help build the system of programs for healthy transition. Since the beginning of 2016, we formalized the following partnerships:

  • Apex Police Department and Alliance Behavioral Health – Veterans In Crisis Response Program
  • Give An Hour
  • Reboot Combat Recovery
  • Saratoga Warhorse
  • BlueRio Strategies
  • Hunton & Williams
  • HopeLine

You can read more about how these partnerships help us achieve our mission here. If you know of other partners who share our values and passion for supporting Veterans, please comment to this post with the details!

Client Testimonials

How are we doing? The best way to measure impact is from the words of our clients:

“I was at a very dark, dark eerie place in my life, where I didn’t tell or talk to anyone about my pain. February 2015, I decided that was enough, I was ready to end my life. I had the barrel of a Gun in my mouth . . . a mentor and friend ministered and prayed over me, and he helped save me. When l was released from psych ward, I wasn’t safe yet I needed help still. By the grace of God I was searching on Facebook, and typed in suicide. I contacted Stop Soldier Suicide, and within I think 15 minutes, a case worker contacted me. I gotta tell you, if not for my mentor and Ren from Stop Soldier Suicide, I would be dead . . . I went from fearful to fearless. What I will tell every single veteran, is the exact same thing: ‘You’ll need an uncommon resolve, to handle uncommon problems.’”

Life will knock down if you let it, I’ll share with every Veteran how l stopped getting knocked down by PTSD…

“From Victim to Victory”

 – Malcolm May – Army Veteran

“I am grateful to Stop Soldier Suicide. Shawn Jones figured it out. He called and he listened. He realized I needed more help and “hooked me up” with different resources. Stop Soldier Suicide has been awesome. I couldn’t get out of bed. Success was surviving. I am in contact with people to get help that has been a ripple effect. HBOT helped, but it didn’t help everything. I am now volunteering at a horse farm. I am starting to give back. I would absolutely recommend Stop Soldier Suicide. I can empathize, I have been at the bottom. I am living proof that people care and you can get better.”

– Matt Baker, Army Veteran 

“You guys are providing a service. You guys provided so much information that I hope Mickey will keep close at hand. I was there throughout all the steps Stop Soldier Suicide took to help this warrior. I’m impressed and I would like to express my utmost gratitude to you, personally, and to the Stop Soldier Suicide organization.”

– Brandon Deal, Friend of a Stop Soldier Suicide Client

Upcoming Events: Please Join Us at These Events!

We are becoming more active in our effort to connect the military community to our services. We have a number of events and opportunities (click on the event for more information) for you to get connected and support this important mission:

  • 7 May –  VetFest in Whitehall, Delaware from 12:00 to 6:00 pm EST.
  • 30 May – Memorial Day – 22 in 22 National Campaign Completion Date
  • 2 JuneNight For Life at the Intrepid Museum, New York City
  • 18 JuneNASCAR Camping World Truck Series 200, Newton, Iowa. 7:00 pm CST
  • 19 June – NASCAR XFINITY Series American Ethanol 250, Newton, Iowa. 12:00 p.m. CST

If you have an event that can help connect Veterans to our services, please contact me at the information included below. We want to start conducting in-person sign-up for case management services, and we want to continue this important conversation about our unique approach to ending military related suicide.

More Hard Work Ahead

We have been busy, and we know we have more work to do. Your continued support is essential. We can’t achieve this mission without you. We can solve this problem, and I want to hear your suggestions and what you have to say. For feedback to this newsletter, partnership opportunities, or fundraising campaigns, please contact me at 919-532-2435 or I look forward to continuing this important work with and ending military-related suicide.

Jason Roncoroni




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Author: Stop Soldier Suicide
Date: April 12, 2016
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