Interviews to raise awareness of PTSD and Veteran and Soldier Suicide

I was honored to give an interview to NPR locally in North Carolina about Stop Soldier Suicide’s Movie Night For Life event, and Brian Kinsella, CEO, was featured on WILKOW! on Veterans Day to talk about PTSD and suicide awareness.

We’re pushing the buttons and demanding our voices be heard to help stem the tragedy that is Veteran and Soldier suicide.

Breast cancer used to be a taboo subject, too, but now we see NFL players wearing pink shoes. We need and want  THAT kind of awareness and support for our veterans and soldiers silently suffering and feeling shame in asking for help. PTSD and depression and TBI, these are not weaknesses. The stigma around metal health and getting care MUST be erased. Join us in making it happen sooner, rather than later.

My  recent NPR Interview about our Movie NIght For Life and raising awareness.

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Our CEO Brian Kinsella’s Veterans Day interview on WILKOW!

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2 responses to “Interviews to raise awareness of PTSD and Veteran and Soldier Suicide”

  1. Tim says:

    Sometimes we as Veterans run into issues that are unlike those of ordinary people, my Mother passed away from cancer yet she dint have part of the populace in disagreement with who or what she was. A Veteran is a Hero to many and something all together different to some, I have been cursed getting Gas because I had my Veterans gear on, I have also received hand shakes… We have to realize this is the US that our Veterans are coming home to and as Veterans we may never be looked at in the light as we once were. Having PTSD does not limit our lives but it doesn’t help when you have no where to turn when you get home, or when no one even family doesn’t understand the power it has over you, This is when a group like yours is needed and appreciated.. because I will not be the first or the last to tell anyone who reads this, No one will ever understand, you will be pushed to the point of doing something drastic unless you are confronted with knowledge from a brother, a brother that has been through this and understands the pain. God Bless all our Soldiers..

  2. laura black says:

    Thank you Tim and you’re right. It takes someone who has worn the uniform, and all of our team members have, with the exception of myself. Although my stepson is in the Army currently, so I’m getting it better than most civvies. You can ALWAYS call on us.

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Author: laura black
Date: November 10, 2013
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