Corporate Sponsorship

Your company can make a difference to our country’s warriors in need.

Did you know that 1 in 5 military Service members from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars suffer from PTS (Post Traumatic Stress)? We’re facing an epidemic of Soldiers and Veterans who will turn to suicide to end their suffering. Their anger. Their depression. Their nightmares.

But you can help Stop Soldier Suicide reach them. You can support our cause so that we can support our warriors and curb Soldier and Veteran suicides.

We rely 100% on donations to continue our operation of building awareness, offering outreach, connecting those in need with the right resources and providing supportive follow up. Read more about our mission.

Learn more about being a corporate sponsor, now. We will work with you to customize the best “fit” for your corporate sponsorship. The biggest benefit is knowing you gave back to those who served our country, served each of us, when called upon to do so.

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When you support our mission, your funding goes to save lives.

Since inception in 2010, SSS has committed to limiting overhead and administrative expenses thereby increasing the amount of money that goes to helping the Soldiers, Veterans and families we serve. No one on the board takes a salary. For a complete accounting and financial transparency, please email CFO Craig Gridelli.