The Compassion of Our Case Management

“I received a call from a Veteran who expressed that he was feeling extremely depressed and stressed out from some hardships he was currently experiencing. He went on to state that he felt as though everyone around him would be happier if he were not alive. Following two tours in Iraq, he had been feeling isolated, different, and uncomfortable functioning in his day to day life.

Before he called Stop Soldier Suicide he felt as though he was too intelligent to be labeled as a problem. He called because he knew that his level of intelligence had nothing to do with PTS. He said he had hit rock bottom and couldn’t take any more. He told me his plan for taking his life and how he would do it. I told him we were here to help.

The Veteran stated he was not interested in talking to the crisis hotline but that he did want help and that he knew he needed help. I had another case manager by my side research and locate a counselor who was able to speak to the Veteran immediately. We proceeded to connect the Veteran and called him later that day. He is continuing to see the counselor, and reported that he is feeling much better. He is thankful for the compassionate counselor and for receiving the help he needs for himself and his family.”

Leigh Moseley – Case Worker

MalcolmMalcolm May – From Victim to Victory

“I was at a very dark, dark eerie place in my life, where I didn’t tell or talk to anyone about my pain. February 2015, I decided that was enough, I was ready to end my life. I had the barrel of a Gun in my mouth . . . a mentor and friend ministered and prayed over me, and he helped save me. When l was released from psych ward, I wasn’t safe yet I needed help still. By the grace of God I was searching on Facebook, and typed in suicide. I contacted Stop Soldier Suicide, and within I think 15 minutes, a case worker contacted me. I gotta tell you, if not for my mentor and Ren from Stop Soldier Suicide, I would be dead . . . I went from fearful to fearless. What I will tell every single veteran, is the exact same thing: ‘You’ll need an uncommon resolve, to handle uncommon problems.’”

Life will knock down if you let it, I’ll share with every Veteran how l stopped getting knocked down by PTSD…

Malcolm May – Army Veteran

Crystal2Crystal Stautzenberger – Beyond Anxiety

“Upon transitioning out of the Air Force, I knew that something felt different, but just as many veterans do, I swept my issues under the rug and pressed forward. It wasn’t until I started attending large business conferences that I came to terms with the fact that I needed help.

I was put in contact with some amazing people at Stop Soldier Suicide. From that day forward, they have been by my side. They put me into the treatment I so desperately needed so I could move forward with my life.

I decided to partner with Stop Soldier Suicide to connect veterans to the treatments, resources, and the authentic connection and relationship they so desperately need to help them navigate through their issues.

Your past circumstances do not define your future reality.”

In addition to overcoming her anxiety, Crystal is a wife, mother, beach body fitness coach, and a small business owner. She is an example of what you can achieve! 

Crystal Stautzenberger – Air Force Veteran


We Stay Connected to Find Solutions If the First Resource Doesn’t Work

“Talking to [our case manager] and talking to Stop Soldier Suicide in general was a really big stepping stone for me, so I want to thank you guys for that, and for letting me know that there are resources out there.

Even if I didn’t go through the hyperbaric oxygen therapy you guys sent me, I still had a chance to get something that works for me and works well. I know I still have PTSD, and its not a cure, but it is easily managed at this point. What used to trigger me no longer does, and I don’t have new triggers.”

Because of our persistence in the connection we establish, we found a provider for Cognitive Processing Therapy to help Alex with his PTSD.

Alex Tufail – Army Veteran

Helping Friends and Family of Struggling Veterans

“You guys are providing a service. You guys provided so much information that I hope Mickey will keep close at hand.

I was there throughout all the steps Stop Soldier Suicide took to help this warrior. I’m impressed and I would like to express my upmost gratitude to you, personally, Dierdre, and to the Stop Soldier Suicide organization.”

Brandon called on behalf of a struggling veteran who would not seek help themselves, Dierdre is a Stop Soldier Suicide case worker

Brandon Deal

“I am grateful to Stop Soldier Suicide. Shawn Jones figured it out. He called and he listened. He realized I needed more help and “hooked me up” with different resources.

Stop Soldier Suicide has been awesome. I couldn’t get out of bed. Success was surviving. I am in contact with people to get help that has been a ripple effect. HBOT helped, but it didn’t help everything.

I am now volunteering at a horse farm. I am starting to give back.

I would absolutely recommend Stop Soldier Suicide. I can empathize, I have been at the bottom. I am living proof that people care and you can get better.”

Matt Baker – Army Veteran

Stop Soldier Suicide helps all veterans . . .

I can’t go to the VFW, because I did not serve in war. I can’t go to WWP because I didn’t serve in OIF/OEF. There are many groups that I can not go to since I was not in war.

Stop Soldier Suicide will help anyone who spent time in ANY branch at ANY time. Besides a soldier is any one who is willing to give their life for his/her country. Stop Soldier Suicide wants to help stop the suicides that occur with our service members. They are a great organization. They can and do help any service member.”

David Waters

AmyWe Are Always Willing to Listen

“I reached out to Stop Soldier Suicide because I was trying to find somebody to listen to me because of my PTSD and Anxiety. If it wasn’t for Shawn [Stop Soldier Suicide] and Bob [Saratoga Warhorse], I would have killed myself.”

“It is really important to have an organization like yours to really be there to listen when people need it.”

“You guys have helped me tremendously by reaching out to me and talking to me when I needed it.”

Amy Ruger – Army Veteran

Eric Gray

Stop Soldier Suicide Helped Me Start My Life Again

“After decades of struggling with depression & PTSD, I’m finally getting the help I need thanks to Stop Soldier Suicide.

My first referral didn’t work out, but Stop Soldier Suicide didn’t give up on me & now I have a great psychologist. I encourage any veteran in need of help to give Stop Soldier Suicide a try. It has made a huge difference in my life.”

Eric Gray – Air Force Veteran

Camilla PictureThe Value of Authentic Connection With Our Clients

The value of our service is the AUTHENTIC CONNECTION we achieve with our clients. Too many veterans wallow in despair because they believe they are alone. Knowing that Stop Soldier Suicide is with them to help them discover their post-military journey to empowerment is often enough to rescue them from a path that leads too many of our heroes to choose suicide.

Case Worker – Camilla Powell

BobbyThe Commitment of Our Case Workers Supporting Vietnam Era Veterans

“A short time ago I received a call from the National Crisis Center in NY. I spoke at length with a young lady and let her know what my feelings were. She was very understanding and helpful. Now, my problems have not been corrected, yet I feel so much better. It’s just like when Bobby Griffin [of Stop Soldier Suicide] calls. He and I chat for a little while and when he says, ” keep in touch “, I feel so much better. The problems haven’t been resolved, yet I feel like some one really cares. There are people who care !”

Stop Soldier Suicide is committed to maintain connections and find solutions. WE CALL THE VETERAN. In 3 months of case management, Bobby has called and/or received calls from this Veteran 19 times.

Bobby Griffin – Case Worker

SITUATION: An Army Veteran was referred to Stop Soldier Suicide in November of 2011. The Veteran’s family had abandoned him and moved away. He had also been fired from his job. Despondent, he sent a chilling text to his friend’s phone saying he could no longer find any reason to live. His friend reached out to Stop Soldier Suicide for help.

“This has got to be one of the best Veteran/Soldier organizations out there…. I had a friend who I had served with that was in a very bad place. He had sent me a message with a picture of a loaded shotgun saying, ‘I am out. Love you all. Thanks for your friendship while I was around. Take care.’ I tried to reach him on his phone, but couldn’t. So I sent the police to his house. But what I needed was money to fly him to where I was so he could get help from the V.A. and try to get on his feet again. That’s where Stop Soldier Suicide came in. Stop Soldier Suicide is by far the most understanding and helpful organization I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with and I wish nothing but the best for anyone affiliated with it.”

Tom with SSS CMO, Laura Black, who personally assisted Tom in getting hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Tom with SSS CMO, Laura Black, who personally assisted Tom in getting hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) helped save my life.

As time goes on with my HBOT (dive 24 or so), the better I am feeling. Seems to me I am turning a corner in a life that I couldn’t see any corners in. Thank you all for the help and support.

NOTE: Tom has completed his 40 HBOT treatments and is doing very well. He credits HBOT and counseling with saving is life.


Tom Grob, Navy Veteran

SSS helped me get to my service dog.

Coming back home from the front lines of war can be amazingly painful and difficult.

Going from one major mindset to a completely docile one is a recipe for either self destruction and hurt or damage to those around. I thought about taking my own life on three different occasions after Afghanistan. I did not know what to do or who to talk to about the horrors I had seen and done and been through.

1907816_10152673087830688_7172017337697063590_nI connected with the VA and was put through an 8 week inpatient program  in Houston, TX at the Michael E. DeBakey VAMC. After this my doctors told me about how to receive a service dog to help prevent from further action against myself and to help with everyday mobility services that are no longer  easy for me like bending over and getting up from the floor.

I talked with Stop Soldier Suicide when I realized I had no way to get up to Patriot Paws near Dallas. SSS helped me secure a plane ticket and transportation to the facility plus room and board.

Without stop Soldier Suicide, I would have not have known how to begin my life again.

Thank you all to the men and women of this organization for helping me gain an important aspect of life to this never ending battle of PTSD. For all of those who I and others know who have lost the battle….until Valhalla brothers, rest easy.

Carl Scarborough

Helping Friends of Struggling Veterans

“My best friend was moving across the country the other day, he gets a call from Stop Soldier Suicide, who were just checking in. You see, we reached out to them in February of this year [2015] when things were rough for him, and they are still checking in on his progress [August 2015]. There is Hope, but you have to call. You will find out that you are not ALONE.

And this is why you are one of 2 charities I recommend folks donate to. Aftercare is a very important part of staying upright. I commend you all on your efforts! Thank you for saving lives”

Lee West

“All of the information you give out has helped my son realize he wasn’t alone and how to reach out and find the help he needed.”

Clarica Baum

“I awoke one morning wishing to take my own life. Nothing new for me, as I have tried many times, and failed for whatever reason. But this day, I was scheduled to meet Brian Kinsella who was riding across the country to raise awareness for Stop Soldier Suicide…He asked me to share my struggles, trials and victories with others. To show that PTS and war doesn’t have to beat me. Or you. I am very grateful I chose to get up and ride…I am here to tell my story because of it.”

David (last name withheld for privacy), Navy Veteran

“Just found the SSS webpage. My husband was a Desert Storm Veteran and committed suicide, wishing this issue was more mainstream and I could do something to get the word out.”

Jacy Brooks

Awareness is half the battle! Thank you for removing the stigma. Thank you for recognizing that we can work together to stop soldier suicide! Thank you, Major General Sean McFarland, YOU ARE LEADING by example, because YOU CARE. This will set the standard. I love Stop Soldier Suicide

Audrey Orphanos

“Your organization has helped me help my (now ex) fiance through a lot and still does. Your Facebook page helps me understand how to better help him.”

Amanda Speirs

“Thank you for being there. Today was rough and it has been rough for a while.”

Posted on our Facebook page (Name withheld for privacy)

“Thank you for this (Facebook) page. My husband is a disabled retired marine with severe PTSD and a TBI. He attempted suicide twice and has suicidal ideation still. It has been 7 years since Afghanistan for him but it is still very real. This page is much needed. Thank you!”

Posted on our Facebook page (Name withheld for privacy)

“The SSS Facebook page is amazing for all the hard work and support for advocating for Veterans, if there is anything I can do please don’t hesitate to ask.”

Andrew Jones, Veteran

“One thing that sets Stop Soldier Suicide apart from other organizations out there is that these guys get it. They’re military as well; they’ve stood in formation; they’ve experienced all that we go through and they get it. They’re unique in their approach to the problem of suicide. They don’t set up shop at the edge of the cliff like a suicide hotline would do. They do their best work halfway up the mountain as problems are beginning to escalate and compound.

They focus on the problems that could be the difference between life and death.
In my case, I had lost custody of my youngest child through a series of unfortunate events. I couldn’t make money fast enough to pay child support and hire a lawyer to try to regain custody. My wife had already gone to jail twice for child support issues. My marriage was slipping away and it was only a matter of time before either she or I was going to jail with no way of getting enough money to get out.

One trip to jail and I lose both of my jobs. My entire work history (mostly law enforcement) would be worthless. I’d likely get an article 15. And I wouldn’t have any hope of ever recovering.

I tried once to speak to someone in the military about this and received a letter in the mail telling me that I was about to be medically discharged for depression and anger issues. SSS stepped in and began looking for a lawyer who would take the case without charge. Now I can focus all my resources on child support and don’t have to worry nearly as much. Did SSS fix all my problems? Of course not, but they focused their energy on the one that was surely going to decide my fate. Had they not stepped in, I surely wouldn’t have made it.”

(Name withheld for privacy)

“SSS, thanks for the quick info. I got an alarming text from a Vet friend of mine in another city saying she was going to kill herself. Still working on the situation, but your site was the first one I went to. The information was very helpful, the crisis line responded, and I’ve been able to get local help in Missouri from my position in Virginia. Thank you, and let’s hope that this trooper gets the help she needs.”

Armando K