Our Approach

As former Soldiers, we knew we had to offer a better way. A potential path to end military-related suicide.

The Journey of the Warrior describes the timeless, universal life cycle of our service members in mind, body, and spirit. At Stop Soldier Suicide, we want to discover a process of transition that enables hope, purpose, and empowerment. By providing a system of programs to help our veterans heal and grow, we offer an alternative from isolation and despair. At Stop Soldier Suicide, we do not offer direct, clinical services, but we do want to help Veterans discover an alternative path to achieve the growth and empowerment they deserve.

The Solution: Discover A Healthy Transition Process 

Consider the process required to bring a young man or woman into the military: the indoctrination from basic training, the discipline, the normalization of the warrior ethos. Now compare that deliberate process to the current process we have for transition from the military. Transition out from the military also requires a dedicated program tailored to the needs of the individual that enables a healthy transformation in mind, body, and spirit.

Case Management

We will discover an evidence-based program of transition by helping our veterans through our program of case management.

Once we connect with a Veteran in our program, we stay connected for two years. We partner with our Veterans to discover those resources to enable their transition to empowerment and the quality of life they deserve. We educate and train our case workers in life/transition coaching, suicide prevention, and resiliency, and we challenge ourselves to innovate and discover improvements in how we support our veterans and their families. One Veteran at a time, our program of case management seeks to achieve empowerment.

Our Objective

Once we discover the system of programs to solve this problem, our organization intends to GO OUT OF BUSINESS.